The use of an AI art generator is not only to produce funky-looking art but also to learn more about artificial intelligence. You can generate cool animals and faces, but also use them to test the limits of your creativity.

Most people are amazed by how incredible AI is these days. A decade ago, I bet you could not have imagined AI starting with art – the mission to take over the world. All of us believed that AI will first take on physical labor, then maybe someday creativity. But it’s clear, and the actual scenario is quite opposite.

DALLE.2, Midjourney, or any other AI art generators will help you to create art. But they will also learn from your work, and that is why they will improve over time.

Image-based AI art is used synonymously as of 2022. But it does not only include pictures, but also video loops, text, and even music. Here, in particular, we are talking about the 9 cool things to do while using an Image-based AI art generator:

Try to push its limits

What is AI for? Pushing our limitations by pushing theirs. People often use AI to create some common and imaginable things like teddy bears playing underwater. You know, the usual stuff of art. But you can use AI to generate something really hard, like a picture of the inside of a black hole.

Connect with others over an AI art generator

You can use AI art generators to create memes. 2022 is the age of social media, and AI art is the current cool trend for it. You can use it to communicate with others, like a witty image or some creativity on message boards. A huge audience will appreciate your work, become curious, and share it with their friends and followers.

Test its algorithms

AI art generators can be used to test how far their algorithms can go. They are very complex algorithms:  many parameters are changeable, random factors are in place, and so on. You can them for the purpose of testing themselves. After all, we create AI to test it, correct? DALL.E 2’s creators, for example, have stated that even they don’t know how far the algorithm can go.

AI-generated cartoon characters

DALLE.2 is very good at producing cartoon characters. You can use this command, for example: “An Alien-Like looking man with a green mustache, cartoon”. It will generate a new cartoon image. It is perfect for your next story, comic, or maybe a children’s book.

AI art of "An Alien-Like looking man with a green mustache, cartoon"
An Alien-Like looking man with a green mustache, cartoon

Have fun with an AI art generator

DALLE is great for the process of creation, but it can also be used to have fun. You can play with it. You can use it as a tool to make art and have fun with other people in your process of making something. Basically, you can take it as “gaming” with AI.

Create a new image to enhance your imagination

Testing AI is not enough. What about you? You can use AI to generate art, and the commands, meanwhile, always increase your imagination power with time. Frequent use of AI art generator can broaden your horizons, kind of like that guy who throws you into a whole new world with a snap of his fingers. You will start perceiving the real world in a different way.

Create thumbnails for YouTube

This is where AI actually starts taking our jobs. But it’s the truth. AI can generate good thumbnails as per your commands, sometimes better than humans. The job of a graphic editor is at risk, but you are not one, are you? If yes, don’t worry because AI will be the best partner for you. You can use AI to create graphics.

Make a new image and surprise yourself

Time and again. AI-generated art will surprise you and produce something completely different, but still brilliant. Guess what, getting surprised helps us to focus our attention and inspires us to look at our situation in novel ways. Of course, you don’t want a big real-life snake to get surprised; AI can do the job for you. FYI, the unexpected and inspiring are the most fun things.

Create paradoxes

You can also command AI to generate paradoxes like “A robot creating a picture of a robot that is creating AI”. It is a new form of art and it will create a new paradox. We are running out of paradoxes anyways, aren’t we?

AI art of "A robot creating a picture of a robot that is creating AI"
A robot creating a picture of a robot that is creating AI

We didn’t include points such as “AI generating pictures of you” because it can’t just yet do so. However, you can put yourself in the picture and see how AI is doing right now.

We hope you enjoyed our list of 9 cool things to do while using an Image-based AI art generator. The key is to have fun!

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