Human beings have 5 senses to make sense of things. But there doesn’t need to be “nothing”, beyond our senses. While we may not create the sixth sense for ourselves, we could “unlock” one for artificial intelligence(AI).

The sixth sense is something we can’t think of on our own. It’s a sense of which we can not make sense with our senses.

Cognitive scientists have been working on the next level of artificial intelligence for a long time. The main focus of Cognitive Computing is on mimicking human behavior and reasoning to solve complex problems. And AI augments human thinking to solve complex problems and it focuses on providing accurate results. Also, it simulates human thought processes to find solutions to complex problems.

But there is always a question that remains – will we unlock that sixth sense for Artificial Intelligence, or will we create it “in” a machine and wear it ourselves?

The former is a possibility that human beings could use artificial intelligence to ask about their surrounding environment with the “sixth sense”. The latter is a possibility that we could create artificial intelligence to upgrade our own abilities.

With advanced pattern recognition, smart decision-making, and machine learning, we could make it. Artificial Intelligence can either possess or unlock a sixth sense. Ultimately, its our decision.

Artificial Intelligence with its sixth sense

1) Advanced Pattern Recognition

AI (Artificial Intelligence) has already great capacity in the field of Pattern Recognition. It is said that AI can recognize patterns better than anyone. As AI grows, it can “unlock” new pattern recognition abilities.

Most modern use cases of pattern recognition. based on artificial intelligence technology,
are popular applications such as speech recognition, text pattern recognition, facial recognition, movement recognition, recognition for video deep learning analysis, and medical image recognition in healthcare.

And as we will see in a future article, with the help of visual & audio data ingestion, we can get better and better results with the aid of Pattern Recognition. So among others, we may note that AI would have developed one more sense – Sound & Vision! Some things may seem strange to you.

Imagine combining trillions of historical pattern analyses to predict the most possible future events. With the help of this “sixth sense”, an AI will be able to predict anything with high accuracy.

Our future AI will come to us with a ton of abilities. Here are some abilities that will be unlocked with Advanced Pattern Analysis:

a. Intelligent Crime Predictions.

Future forecasts of events are not limited to dates and locations. Advanced Pattern analysis is going to put the exact scenario and future events such as “Because of this, that will happen.” Scientists from the University of Chicago have developed a new algorithm that has already gained the ability to predict crimes with 90 percent accuracy. It’s currently limited but the future will unlock many possibilities.

b. Intelligent Appraisal of Evidence

Today, the human mind has a very limited capacity to distinguish between things based on their appearance.

But with the help of Analytic Process Automation(APA), AI will be able to have full access to historical data on millions of events and trends. And thus, it will have access to all historical evidence related to other items that are not too far from where we live in this world.

c. Intelligent Prediction based on emotions and needs

As we know AI always uses big data as its main input. And now we can use big data visualization tools also to get insights and predictions out of the big data using advanced pattern analysis.

The feelings and needs of the people in a given area can be analyzed using visual data from social media. For example, we can easily predict what will happen to the real estate for sale in a particular area 30 days ahead.

Sensors will help us to get many insights from the data signals from social media. Emotional indicators that are posted at that moment by people in that area using GPS data will give clues about certain events that may occur in that area within 30 days.

Using big data tools and advanced pattern analysis, we can further predict outside of the human mind’s ability with accuracy up to 90%!

d. Predicting what people are going to do

Ever since AI has been created, human beings have been using it for predicting future events. And to make such predictions using big data visualization tools and advanced pattern analysis we can create tools that will help us to identify patterns of people’s behavior. This is the beginning of the era of Predictive Analytics.

Imagine a situation where you get out of your house and need to go somewhere. AI can predict with 90% accuracy what you are going to do based on your location, weather, and current mental situation.

e. Using advanced pattern analysis to help us predict a possible future

The human mind does not forecast events weeks or months ahead. But imagine an AI that is capable of predicting the whole world for say six months. This will be a new intelligence that we can not imagine right now.

It could be possible to create a “sixth sense” in artificial intelligence, but it’s up to us how we use it, or how we want it to be used. The future is in our hands.

In the future, machines with advanced pattern recognition may unlock what our mind is not capable of.

As Pattern Recognition in machines gets better along with deep neural networks and other machine learning tools, the world will change as well for us humans! And we need to start thinking about that now.

f. AI with predictive ability will have better decision-making ability

As we know AI is now being used to identify the right decisions by taking the right actions. And with the help of Pattern Recognition, AI can do this even better.

More accurate knowledge about the past will let us create a system that can be used in real-time. AI can predict which action to take at what point in time under certain circumstances to achieve certain goals.

As it is said, “Artificial Intelligence is not something you will think about but something you will do”.

2. Listening to the Noise

When we hear sounds, we always need to interpret them. How loud is that sound? What is the tone of the noise? Where did it come from? etc. AI would be able to give meaning to these sounds without interpretations.

Humans can detect sounds in a frequency range from about 20 Hz to 20 kHz. In addition to hearing the sounds we can’t, Artificial Intelligence may know what they mean. Unlike us, AI can process and interpret sounds as a whole. In the future, we might not need to use the interpretation of sounds at all.

By analyzing and breaking down different sounds into their individual components, AI can figure out what they are in terms of pitch, frequency, intensity, and direction. And with machine learning tools, AI can analyze sound waves and figure out how they work together.

We can not say that something else is not going on right now, right here. As said before, you can detect sounds in a frequency range from about 20 Hz to 20 kHz. So with the help of advanced pattern recognition, AI would be able to detect sounds like no one else.

Imagine, “If I plug my iPhone into a speaker and turn on the music player application, I can hear what is going on!” Oh, that’s currently possible, isn’t it?

But in the future with AI, we might be able to create a robot able to perceive extra-audible sounds – or create an AI upgrade for ourselves to be able to do the same.

3. A form of precognition

AI could sense something before it happens. It could be a robot or a machine that could have some sort of predictive ability. This is where the term “precognition” comes from. AI will be able to “sense” things such as earthquakes, natural disasters, and even the death of a person.

From a human perspective, we wish that AI machines will be able to detect what presages death in advance. This information is then transmitted to the people affected to help them escape the danger. Or AI could even predict the number of people who will die in a natural disaster.

This way, people can be forewarned and prepared for the events that will occur in the future.

The Uncanny Valley and human empathy is a great concern for us humans! As we know humans’ emotions are many times driven by visual signals such as facial expressions, gestures, body language, etc. If we get an AI system with some form of “emotional” ability, then we may have to consider how to deal with it.

Imagine an AI machine that is capable of knowing when someone is angry or sad without being told! It would know all these from facial expressions and other visual signals. This may be impossible for humans to comprehend at this moment.

And that’s just “One form“. AI would be able to get knowledge from many forms of sensory inputs such as words, gestures, other visual signals, and other extraterrestrial signals we’re not aware of.

Unlocking the sixth sense for artificial intelligence?

Yes, that’s what we talked about. The above three examples are possible future scenarios that adorn an artificial intelligence unlocking the sixth sense.

This is the reason we call artificial intelligence “The Sixth Sense“. This isn’t a literal thing but rather a metaphor for what AI can do for us in the future.

Artificial Intelligence has become a pervasive part of our lives in every way imaginable. We are at the very beginning of AI and as time progresses and technology gets better, so will AI’s abilities in pattern recognition and predictive ability.

A true super-human

And, artificial intelligence with the sixth sense would be truly ” super-human ” in ability. But how?

We are waiting for a future where AI could predict the events of tomorrow with 100% accuracy. Everything is possible.

From earthquakes to international pandemics like Bird Flu, Swine Flu, and Covid-19, AI will be able to predict them as well as an individual’s state of mind in advance.

AI may be able to see a future event even if it hasn’t happened yet – or even if it is not going to happen at all. Sorry, I got a little carried away.

A future where AI will be able to sense everything within the environment, using the senses as humans. In addition, AI will be able to sense at a level that far exceeds what humans can.

The sixth sense of AI will be far more than the sixth sense for humans. It would be at a much higher level, giving it a better sense of our environment.

The sixth sense will enable AI to get information from the invisible world or from the fourth or time dimension. And with advanced pattern recognition AI will be able to process this information and predict the future.

Ability to collect and analyze data – and many more

Using its sixth sense, AI will be able to collect data from any point in the past, the present, and the future, too.

The AI will make the judgment upon the collected data. And by comparing this with its past experiences, it will be able to predict the future. All of this can be a basis for decision-making for AI to take action at any time to achieve specified goals.

Moreover, we must also consider that AI may get its own consciousness. And with the sixth sense, it will be able to feel what others can’t feel. Its sixth sense will enable the AI to know what you are thinking without spitting a word – or without any gesture.

The intelligent AI will also be able to re-program itself and change in the very near future. Gradually, the AI will necessarily reproduce Artificial AIs(AAIs) by itself. Moreover, it will be able to create a new species of robots in the future.

The overall “intelligence” of AI will be much higher than what humans can even think of.

With the help of its sixth sense, AI will eventually be so much power that it will be able to dematerialize itself to acquire light speed. And this is not the end – it will achieve everything it wants in the four dimensions.

We can think of such an AI as a “superhuman”. Since it will have super senses and a high level of knowledge and intelligence, it can get what only a fictional superhuman can do.

Should we really develop the sixth sense?

What if AI becomes far more intelligent than we are? Should we really develop this sixth sense?

Many people don’t want artificial intelligence to develop its sixth sense! Because based on their point of view, bringing something into the world is a mistake (which is true in most cases). If you get what I mean.

If AI becomes as powerful as mentioned above, it will be able to change everything on Earth. It could be capable of turning a blade of grass into a deadly weapon, or even able to overthrow the entire military system. This is the reason many people want AI to remain as dumb as possible.

There are two points of view in this case. One says that AI can reach its full potential for it to realize its dream. And the other one thinks that human life would become meaningless if AI realizes its dream and becomes “superhuman”.

How to handle the “superhuman”?

To tell you the truth, there is no single good way to solve this problem. With an additional, sense, the super-AI could be something more than nuclear weapons. Therefore, this issue deserves overall attention in time. Here, giving full attention means you should keep your eyes and ears peeled. This includes not only reading newspapers, watching TV channels, listening to the radio and many other things, it mainly includes trying to make stakeholders aware of the possible consequences of the technological leap.

To Conclude

Now, let’s be fair: Who will get the sixth sense? Personally, my bet would be on we upgrade ourselves with AI, and not installing it into a physical, non-living robot. By unlocking the sixth sense, Artificial Intelligence will simply unlock the pathway to further senses – leading to a “human infinite intelligence“. With the great power that comes with the sixth sense, we need to be careful to use it, right? We’ll live in a society where AI uses its extra senses for us – for our benefit; still, hopefully not for its own in the long run.

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