Technology just keeps on changing its form with additional innovations. Historically, we have witnessed that the very present always seems to be the peak of technology. Like in the 90s, we thought that there was nothing more to achieve with technology. However, regardless of that, there was and always is room for more innovation. In the 3rd decade of the 21st century, the world is witnessing an array of emerging technologies. In fact, consumers, businesses, and even governments can not sit back and relax on the current tech. Not only have the tech advancements moved away from traditional industry boundaries, but they have also become more integrated and mutually supportive.

Disruptive vs Emerging technology

Due to the disruptive nature of technology, the pace of change is incredibly fast, and even “spikey” in times. While disruptive technology innovates, emerging technology refines. To be more specific, disruptive technology is revolutionary, emerging technology is often evolutionary. This means that disruptive technology often replaces existing technology while emerging technology often supplements it. Disruption shakes up the status quo, while emergence optimizes it. The best example of disruptive technology is the invention of the automobile. It replaced the horse and buggy, completely changing travel. On the other hand, the emergence of electric cars is a great example of emerging technology. It supplements the existing technology of gasoline cars, creating a more efficient, environmentally-friendly form of transportation.

Emerging Tech 2023

Below are the top emerging technologies/tech products in each sector for 2023. We have selected the most promising and impactful ones:

Top emerging tech in healthcare – da Vinci Xi

The da Vinci Xi Surgical System provides a wide range of complex surgeries like urological procedures. It has an ultrasonic bath that meets the minimum requirements and requires a capital purchase. Along with this, the da Vinci Xi has a doorway and hallway with minimum dimensions, as well as an elevator with a capacity of 2100 lbs. and floor space of 70 inches by 48 inches.

da Vinci Xi
Image Credits: Intuitive

This revolutionary robotic technology is actually bringing complex surgeries to life. After being released in 2021, it quickly became one of the most sought-after robotic surgery systems. Da Vinci medical robots are here since 2000. The latest version, the one we’re talking about, is the most advanced and sophisticated. Improved features like the new patient cart that allows surgeons to move and rotate the robot with the patient and its virtual care options, this system is revolutionizing robotic surgery.

Top emerging tech in education – Interactive Holographic Teaching

Mixed reality would be indeed the easiest guess if the question was about the future of education. But it’s already here; up and running.

Lenovo's emerging mixed reality classroom technology
Image Credits: Lenovo

Lenovo’s Interactive Holographic Teaching technology is emerging as the Next Big Thing in education. Being an immersive learning environment, it enables teachers to create a highly interactive teaching experience. This tech provides a mixed reality and holographic approach to traditional classroom teaching and online education.

Lenovo Future Classroom offers many benefits. It allows teachers to conduct virtual experiments and observations that could be difficult outside of a state-of-the-art laboratory. The technology is also being used to bring together students from different campuses, cities, and countries. This improves access to quality educational resources, helping to promote educational equity. In fact, Interactive Holographic Teaching was selected by Fast Company as one of the 120 companies that are tackling basic societal problems.

Lenovo's Interactive Holographic Teaching in the list of companies that are tackling basic societal problems
Image Credit: FastCompany. Lenovo’s Interactive Holographic Teaching (in the list of companies that are tackling basic societal problems)

Top emerging tech for business – OpenAI’s DaVinci 003

As an emerging tech, OpenAI’s playground is disrupting content marketing, a key for any modern business. OpenAi’s latest GPT-3 model, Davinci 003 is the most powerful generative AI. It enables automated processes, such as data extraction, analytics, and customer service. It also helps with marketing activities, like content creation and email campaigns.

OpenAI's DaVinci 003
Credits: OpenAI

According to OpenAI, the model has gone through a big improvement from previous models davinci-002 and davinci-001. For example, instead of writing simple sentences, davinci-003 can produce entirely complex arguments and structures. Like, it can give examples, describe problems, and provide solutions. Businesses are already taking advantage of this new technology to generate high-quality content that can be easily customized. It also helps reduce the time needed to create content and manage campaigns.

Top emerging technology in cyber security – Behavioral Analytics

Behavioral Analytics

Behavioral Analytics is rapidly emerging in cyber security. It uses advanced analytics to identify abnormal user behavior and detect potential threats. The technology monitors user activity, detects anomalies, and flags suspicious activities for further investigation. Behavioral Analytics also uses anomaly detection to analyze various data points, such as user interactions, login locations, and application usage. It generally looks for patterns in user behavior that deviate from the norm. Some user behaviors can be indicative of malicious activity, such as accessing sensitive data or attempting to gain unauthorized access. Such behaviors may include:

  • Logging in from unusual locations or devices
  • Making frequent attempts to access restricted data
  • Accessing data outside of normal working hours
  • Unusually long periods of inactivity
  • Nonsensical data entries (like repeatedly using an email address that doesn’t exist)

Top emerging technology in agriculture – Home hydroponics systems (HHS)

Home hydroponics systems are efficient and sustainable. These systems provide fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs with expert advice. For example, home hydroponics starter kits come with all the components necessary for setting up a hydroponic system. It means customers can shop with confidence. The hydroponic systems use nutrient-rich water, instead of soil, in order to provide the necessary nutrients for plant growth. Therefore, this technology is revolutionary in agriculture.

 Home hydroponics system
AeroGarden Harvest Elite Slim with Gourmet Herb Seed Pod Kit – Hydroponic Indoor Garden, Stainless Steel. Credits:

As a revolutionizing HHS tech, “AeroGarden Harvest Elite Slim” provides home hydroponics and a 6-Pod gourmet herb seed kit with all-natural Miracle-Gro Plant Food for an in-home garden system. Its high-performance LED lights ensure rapid growth and abundant harvests. This further ensures that you have fresh, local, in-season herbs and veggies all year round.

Top emerging tech in computer science – Quantum computer wormhole

After about a century of Albert Einstein and Nathan Rosen’s theoretical work, the quantum computer wormhole is finally here. Being the most powerful emerging technology in computer science, quantum computer wormhole has been successfully created by Maria Spiropulu’s team. Utilizing Google’s quantum computer, Sycamore, the team has beaten competing physicists. This technology is revolutionary in the sense that it is a quantum gravity experiment on a chip. It means that the new tech could enable us to traverse through space-time by passing into an extra dimension.

Quantum computer wormhole illustration

The researchers also believe that the use of qubits could open the door to many more possibilities. For example, it could help us to explore the universe in ways never thought possible before.

Top emerging technology in food processing – Isochoric freezing

Food processing technology is rapidly advancing in the 21st century. It has now offered new possibilities for safe and high-quality products. Isochoric freezing is an emerging technology that offers a number of advantages over traditional freezing methods. It provides more uniform freezing and better preservation of food quality, while also reducing energy consumption and production costs.

 Isochoric freezing
Roberto Avena-Bustillos (left) and Cristina Bilbao-Sainz demonstrate the use of isochoric freezing chambers. Photo courtesy of the U.S. Department of Agriculture through

Additionally, it allows for more precise control over the freezing process, resulting in a more consistent product. As such, it is becoming increasingly popular in the food processing industry.

Top emerging technology in 3D Printing – iCLIP 3D Printing

iCLIP 3D Printing is an emerging tech capable of expanding the scope of 3D Printing. Developed by Stanford engineers, this technology uses multiple types of resin. It is 5-10 times faster than current printing methods.

iCLIP 3D Printing

The 3-D Printing technology has recently started gaining attention.

Credits: Stanford University

iCLIP seeks to improve on some of the perceived limitations of CLIP while still leveraging its advantages. One of its key advantages is a “dead zone” or layer of oxygen that greatly decreases adhesion forces, leading to greatly increased printing speed.


2023 is now about a day ahead of us. Tech advancements are constantly shifting and evolving, and 2023 promises to bring many new and exciting innovations. Make sure you keep an eye out for the top emerging technologies in each field to stay ahead of the curve.

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