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Nutsel is set to change the default settings for businesses with AI

Futuristic Approach

Our approach is to [hack] the preset limits of human senses.

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A daily glimpse of the future you\'re going to enter


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AI-based Consulting

In this world where norms are constantly shifting and unpredictability prevails, it's hard to keep up with the right knowledge. Our AI-based consulting service helps not only businesses , but also individuals, to grow and develop in their careers, in terms of business and life.

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Free blog

Our blog "Daily glimpse of future" has one single aim among many. This service aims to provide its readers with a glimpse of what lies ahead for them, in all areas of their lives: business, technology, AI, and other areas that can be affected. It strives to make this glimpse much clearer than it is today.

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Advanced Pattern Analysis

Everything that happens - happens in a pattern. We are well-aware of it, and so is our AI-based pattern assistant. We can provide a complete book analyzing any company/event's historical analysis, from what they did right, to how they did it, and what exactly did they avoid.

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Till Infinity

Infinite Vision

Infinite Intelligence


What our customers say

Business we operate in is like an intricate

Mike Anderson

The advanced pattern analysis provided by Nutsel is something out of this world, definitely not from the present, I would say. They use futuristic methods to analyze the past.

Ben Reed

Harold and the team helped me get out of the whirpool. Nutsel's historical pattern analysis made it easier for me to implement effective techniques in my business.

Daily Glimpse of Future

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AI will reach human intelligence, not imitate it

Ray Kurzweil’s famous quote — “Arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence will reach human lev­els by around 2029. Fol­low that out fur­ther to, say, 2045, and we will have mul­ti­plied the intel­li­gence – the human bio­log­i­cal machine intel­li­gence of…

AI Chip to Help Robots Learn Like Humans?

Arti­fi­cial in nature, robots have always been lim­it­ed to sim­ple move­ments and com­mand-fol­low­ing until now. But what if robots were able to learn in the same way humans do? It seems flab­ber­gast­ing, but we may…

AI art

AI-Generated Art Wins a Prize: Artists left with no words

They did make us aware of this future with AI — but could­n’t stop it from hap­pen­ing. Maybe, it was just inevitable. A decade ago, when you talked about AI, you would have assumed that…

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