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Apple has not announced a launch date for its mixed reality headset. However, industry experts believe that Apple will launch its mixed reality headset in 2023. This would make Apple one of the first companies to enter the mixed reality market.

Headsets from apple, meta, and vuzix are all in development and are expected to launch in the next few years. This will be a key driver for the growth of the mixed reality market.

Apple has been working on a mixed reality headset for several years. The company has been filing multiple patents for the headset recently, adding the assumption that it is close to launching.

Apple’s competitor Microsoft released a mixed reality headset, HoloLens, on March 30, 2016. However, they shut down the project in 2021 to team up with Samsung for the same.

According to researchers, global augmented reality market will grow at a CAG rate of 40.9% from 2022 to 2030 to reach USD 597.54 billion by that time. Augmented reality is a subsidiary of mixed reality that adds computer-generated images to the real world. Mixed reality takes it to the next level, creating an entirely virtual world that the user can interact with. In mixed reality, the real world comes into play to determine what is shown in the headset.

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Looking at the competition in the mixed reality field, apple wants to launch its product as soon as possible to get an edge over its competitors. The headset’s mass production will begin at the end of Q1 next year. There were some rumors that it may launch in January 2023. But the current reports hint, apple might be releasing the mixed reality headset at the beginning of Q3 2023.

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