Robot Kits teach robotics and programming principles so well. Both beginners and experienced robot builders use such kits. For beginners, kits offer an easy way to get into robotics without a lot of investment. And it’s the right time to begin, with the robotics market expected to reach $160-$260 Billion by 2030. Experienced builders can use robot kits to create new and innovative designs. And everyone in between can benefit from the flexibility and power that programmable robot kits offer.

What are Programmable Robot Kits?

Programmable robot kits are sets of parts and instructions that allow you to build a robot that can be programmed to carry out specific tasks or functions. Most kits include a microcontroller i.e. the “brain” of the robot, and a set of sensors and actuators. Sensors are devices that measure light, sound, touch, temperature, or other conditions. They send this information to the microcontroller, which uses it to make decisions about what the robot should do next. Actuators are devices that allow the robot to move or make noise. Common actuators include motors, speakers, and lights.

What can you do with a programmable robot kit?

Programmable robot kits can be used to build robots that perform all sorts of tasks, from simple to complex, and by people of all age ranges. Some examples include:

-A line-following robot that can autonomously navigate a pre-determined path (a common first project for beginners).
-A robot arm that can pick up and move objects (a popular project for experienced builders).
-A robot that can avoid obstacles and navigate its way through a room (a more advanced project).
-A weather-monitoring robot that can take temperature and humidity readings (a project that combines sensors and actuators).
-A robot that can play sounds or music (a fun project for all levels).

What do Robot Kits for Adults Mean?

When you hear about robot kits for adults for the first time, you may get confused about their meaning. Robot kits come up in all different shapes, sizes, and colors, but they all have one thing in common- the ability to teach. For kids, this might be the first time they have stepped into the world of robotics and engineering. And for adults, these programming kits are a great new hobby, or maybe a step towards their potential career path, or a practice for a robot competition.

The Coplus STEM Building Kit, for example, is great for (8-12) kids who are interested in remote control cars, robots, and other similar toys. The kit includes everything five different RC vehicles, including a stunt truck, robot, and 360° tumbling car. However, for adults, this is not the best choice, as it is more of a toy than a serious building kit.

Educational robot kit for kids

Programmable Robot Kits for Adults may contain materials that are not suitable for children, such as small parts that could be a choking hazard. They also include more detailed instructions that suit adult learners. In fact, there are also some kits for specific age groups, such as teens or seniors. Some robot kits that are made for adults can also be used by kids, like the ones made of plastic. Robot kits for adults are those that are better suited to adults, and less suited for kids, sometimes even prohibited.

What are DIY Programmable Robot Kits for Adults?

DIY Programmable Robot Kits for adults are kits suitable for adults to build, program, and customize their own robots. According to a brookings survey, 52% of adults believed that robots will perform human tasks by 2050. These kits give adults the chance to explore new robotics, coding, and engineering skills rather than buying a ready-made robot. Doing it yourself also saves a fair bit of money compared to buying a finished product. In fact, many of the kits on the market today offer endless possibilities to customize, upgrade, and experiment with robot design. Customization like adding vision or sound is available in the right kit. Here are the best DIY Programmable Robot Kits for Adults:

Adruino K000007

The Arduino Starter Kit is great for those who want to learn about coding and electronics. The programmable robot kit is easy to use for adults, more so due to the 170-page book. Kids don’t like books, even if its easy-to-read. Anyways, with over 100 components, this kit can help you build 15 projects. This is a great way to get started with learning about STEAM subjects. This is also a great way to spend some quality time with friends or family. That’s because the included book comes with plenty of activities you can complete collaboratively. The memory speed is up to 2933 MHz, which is plenty fast for this type of kit. You can use this Kit with a Personal Computer that has a compatible CPU Socket.

ClicBot Kit

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The ClicBot Kit is a great DIY programmable robot kit for adults and kits. It is super user-friendly and requires no coding skills. The robot comes in individual pieces which allow for many different variations. With firmware that continuously updates, the ClicBot Kit is a great gift for anyone who loves to tinker and learn. Although it is suitable for kids too, it’s not toy enough for adults to not also enjoy. One good thing is that it teaches problem-solving ability, logical thinking ability, and spatial thinking abilities with how the robot works.

Adeept PiCar-Pro Raspberry Pi Smart Robot Car Kit

The Adeept PiCar-Pro is easy to install and learn, and it comes with multiple functions. The two-degree-of-freedom camera is a great feature that allows you to get a great view of your surroundings. The Adeept PiCar-Pro is a great way to get hands-on experience with programming, coding, electronics, and robotics. The two servos that control the camera head rotate smoothly and provide a great view. However, the Adeept PiCar-Pro does not come with a Raspberry Pi board, so you will need to purchase one separately. But overall, the Adeept PiCar-Pro is a great programmable robot kit for adults.

ELEGOO Mega R3 2560

The ELEGOO Mega R3 2560 Project Starter Kit is a great way to start with Arduino programming and robotics. The CD this kit includes contains 16 tutorials that are easy to follow, and the kit contains every basic tool. Like, as a development board, USB cable, and all the basic components. The kit also comes with a nice plastic container with compartments for all the parts, making it easy to keep everything organized. The only minor issues I had with the kit were that it was tough to discern the colors on the resistors. I needed a longer USB cable than what was included. This is a great kit for anyone interested in learning Arduino programming and robotics.

Makeblock mBot Ultimate 10-in-1 Coding Robot

The Makeblock mBot Ultimate 10-in-1 Coding Robot Building Kit is a great programmable robot kit for adults. It is compatible with Arduino & Raspberry Pi, and it has a lot of features that make it a great choice for those who want to learn to code or build robots. The kit includes a lot of parts and accessories, and it is easy to assemble and use. The free mBlock programming software makes it easy to program the robot, and the Makeblock App makes it easy to control the robot. The kit is a great gift for adults who are interested in learning to code or build robots. The good thing about this one is that kids, too, can use it as a STEM learning toy.


The LK COKOINO Robot Arm for Arduino is an excellent programmable robot kit for adults. “For arduino” means that the arm is controlled by an arduino compatible nano controller. The arm is also great for teaching teens about robotics and engineering. The kit includes everything needed to build the robot, including a detailed assembly and programming tutorial. You can control the robot arm with a joystick or by recording and repeating up to 170 actions. One good thing about this kit is that it doesn’t require soldering, so it’s easy to put together. Talking about the specs, this arm has a maximum lift of 70g, a horizontal reach of 12.8″, and a vertical reach of 9.6″. It’s powered by two “18650” batteries (not included). This means it’s quite powerful and can lift quite a bit.

SunFounder Raspberry Pi Smart Video Robot Car Kit

The SunFounder Raspberry Pi Smart Video Robot Car Kit is also compatible with Raspberry Pi 4B 3B+ 3B 2B. This means that it is a great investment for those who want to learn about robotics programming and electronics assembling. The kit includes an easy-to-assemble aluminum alloy body, a pan-tilt camera, an ultrasonic module, and a line-tracking module. The modes and modules available with this kit are impressive and offer a lot of value. The programming software is easy to use and the online tutorials are professional and high-quality. Moreover, the fact that the car is open source and provides schematics, structure diagrams, and source code is very helpful. This car robotic kit is not just a toy. That’s because it’s ideal for creating your own robot and exploring endless activities. Furthermore, I like that it can play in Python with Web Control and in Blockly (like Scratch).

FREENOVE Big Hexapod Robot Kit

The FREENOVE Big Hexapod Robot Kit is a detailed and impressive set that allows users to control a big hexapod robot with their Android devices, iPhones, or computer. Apart from Raspberry Pi 4B/3B+/3B/3A+, the robot is also compatible with 2B/B+/A+/Zero 1.3/Zero W models. But they require extra parts that are not included in the set. The kit includes a robot shield, 14 kinds of machinery parts, 18 servos, 2 servos, an LED module, a camera, an ultrasonic module, an accelerometer module, and more. It also comes with a detailed assembly tutorial and complete code (Python). One unique selling point is that the robot can be programmed to balance itself. Yes, that’s right, the robot has the ability to balance itself. It can do other basic robot things such as walking, live video, face recognition, pan tilt, and ultrasonic ranging.

xArm 6DOF Robot Arm Kit

The xArm UNO kit comes with the xArm 1S robotic arm and a variety of sensors to support expandability and creativity. The xArm 1S is a desktop robotic arm with powerful servos that can perform various functions like gripping and sorting. The included sensor expansion kit has sensors like an ultrasonic sensor, color sensor, touch sensor, and more. The xArm UNO also supports secondary development with the included UNO R3 and UNO R3 expansion board. The xArm UNO is a great tool for adults looking to get into robotic automation or education. Kids under 14 are prohibited from using. One good thing about the xArm UNO is that it comes with 10 provided function games; Claw Machine, Password Lock, Light Sensitivity, Auto Sorting, and 6 more. These games make it easy to adapt to the xArm UNO and learn how it works.

Bottom Line

So, we’ve rounded up the best DIY programmable robot kits for adults. One thing to remember is that adults can use all available robot kits, but some kits are specifically designed with adults in mind. As such, kids or hobbyists should choose their kits carefully. The end goal of programmable robot kits should be to learn, create, and have fun. And for technical and creative individuals, who want to pursue robotics, this is a good place to start.

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