Big companies that make artificial intelligence are competing more and more. Anthropic’s latest breakthrough: Claude 3, backed by Amazon and Google, is different because it can understand different types of information, not just words. This new ability challenges other big companies like OpenAI and Google because it can do more things with data.

Claude 3 has three parts: Opus is the main one. It’s better than OpenAI’s GPT-4 and Google’s Gemini Ultra at things like understanding what people learn in college, figuring out complicated things, and doing basic math. This is the first time Anthropic, an American startup company, has made something that can understand different types of information. It lets people use pictures and documents to get answers.

Speaking of which, did you know that there’s an online platform that allows you to create speaking avatars from your text?

Getting back to the topic, Claude 3 marks Anthropic’s rapid rise from startup to AI powerhouse. Backed by industry leaders and $7.3 billion in funding over the past year, Anthropic is now a leading force in generative AI. The chatbot excels at condensing extensive data, summarizing up to 150,000 words coherently, surpassing its predecessors significantly. Moreover, it competes strongly with the infamous ChatGPT, offering superior capability in handling larger text volumes. Anthropic, its creator, highlights Claude 3’s advanced risk comprehension, addressing previous issues of over-conservatism effectively.

It’s obvious that Anthropic prioritizes multimodality, providing platform for diverse data integration for advanced AI interactions. Recent concerns over Google’s AI image generator emphasize the challenges accompanying multimodal capabilities.

When OpenAI released GPT-4 last spring, it was widely considered the most powerful chatbot technology. Google recently introduced a comparable technology called Gemini.

Now, Anthropic openly claims that its Claude 3 Opus technology surpasses both GPT-4 and Gemini in mathematical problem-solving, computer coding, general knowledge, and other areas. This advanced technology was available to consumers on Monday, with a subscription fee of $20 per month, while a less capable version, Claude 3 Sonnet, is offered for free. Additionally, the company provides businesses with the opportunity to develop their own chatbots and other services utilizing the Opus and Sonnet technologies.

Anthropic's Most Powerful Chatbot Claude 3 Challenges OpenAI and Google
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Founded by former members of OpenAI, Anthropic’s exclusive emphasis on data analysis, rather than image generation, demonstrates its adherence to safety and precision. Yet, imperfections in AI models persist.

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