Intent HQ, the provider of a customer AI analytics platform, has launched the first AI-guided dynamic audience builder for telco marketers.

With the use of audience AI, telecoms may considerably boost the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns and discover new, untapped prospects within their customer base.

Without the assistance of data scientists or business intelligence (BI), it uses machine learning to identify target consumers based on behavioral similarity indicators.

Because they are still unable to identify audiences that are sufficiently relevant, Intent HQ feels that telco marketers are losing out on numerous new opportunities to generate income.

Due to the lack of tools available, creating campaigns takes too long, and current methods don’t successfully identify the target markets for each marketing message.

“Our goal is to create marketing that is so relevant to our customers that they view our messages as helpful suggestions as if we were friends.” Audience AI is helping us do that by giving our marketers fingertip access to human-level insights and making them truly actionable, “said Andy Herz, Director, Value-Based Marketing at Verizon.

Lead times like these and poor audience choice result in lost opportunities, more opt-outs, and customer brand dissatisfaction. AI for customers was created to address these issues.

Audience AI significantly increases the Verizon Protect campaign’s revenue. The Verizon consumer marketing team employed audience AI to more effectively target and broaden the audience for Verizon Protect, the company’s top device insurance program.

Protect is periodically made available to customers who did not want to add it at the time they purchased their device during time-limited “open enrollment” programs.

The report says Audience AI achieved outstanding results for the campaign compared to the current audience selection strategy.

Audience AI offers the following crucial elements as a self-serve audience-building tool to improve campaign relevancy and ROI:

1) Simple. Audience AI features a user interface that is simple to use. Without professional assistance, any member of the marketing team is able to produce viable campaign audiences.

2) Responsive. To find their ideal customers, marketers can instantly query a variety of predictive indicators.

Building an audience has been a tough and time-consuming endeavor that depends on teams of data analysts and human intuition. By removing the guesswork involved in audience creation, audience AI makes the process much simpler and saves campaign managers several hours of labor.

3) Safe. By using the Intent HQ SafeSignal engine to deliver privacy-safe audience data, Audience AI may deliver audience data without the requirement for significant legal permission.

Audience AI is a machine learning technique that develops an audience “seed” based on behavioral and/or event-based inputs. With a statistically significant scale, Intent HQ’s proprietary data science algorithms produce a practical and appropriate campaign audience. 
What does the industry think about Audience AI?

According to Patrick Fagan, Head of Behavioural Science at Kubik Intelligence, Audience AI is the only audience creation solution that harnesses the power of machine learning to analyze weblogs and other behavioral data. Fagan also adds that this allows telco marketers to build targets of behaviorally similar customers that would not otherwise be easily identifiable. “Most importantly,” as Fagan said, “it has full consumer privacy baked into the design”.

This is effective because it identifies the data that the artificial intelligence engine gathers for a specific user based on behavioral similarities, not on an anonymous device ID. This means that it can be used in customer acquisition campaigns without exposing the actual identities of users or even businesses, in most cases.

In addition, the use of Intent HQ’s Smart Signals technology allows marketers to learn and improve their audience selection capabilities while keeping customer data safe and private.

Another advantage is that advertisers are able to analyze their customer base with more precision since Audience AI uses predictive signals, such as weblogs, purchase behavior, and other events from customers’ smartphone and web surfing habits.

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