If your Samsung galaxy S24 Ultra’s S Pen smells like a burnt plastic, you are not alone. The S-Pen dilemma has sparked numerous discussions in online community forums, with users expressing various concerns. Some even went as far as to fear that the house was burning, before learning the truth.

Samsung EU’s moderator, AndrewL, who has been a member of the community since 2018, officially stated the following:

This isn’t anything to be concerned about. While the S Pen is in its holster, it is close to the internal components of the phone, which will generate heat while in use, and cause the plastic to heat up. This can smell like burning, but it is similar to the smell you might experience after leaving your car in the sun for a few hours. The seats and plastic fittings in the vehicle might smell hot, but this will diminish after it cools. 

The S Pen was promoted as offering “the magic of touch-free control.” But who knew that alongside its 0.7mm pen tip and 4096 pressure sensors, it would also come with a bonus fragrance experience straight out of a sci-fi flick?

Now that the discussion regarding S24 Ultra’s pen has come up, numerous users have also taken note of similar olfactory experiences with previous iterations of the S Pen.

Amidst any laughter and jest, it’s essential to recognize the potential serious implications of such incidents. A burning smell can often signal overheating or malfunctioning electronic components. Regardless of whether or not you have an S Pen, it’s important to watch out for that.

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