We are used to living in a world that is heavily reliant on technology. We use our phones to order food, avoid traffic, and book flights.

But is technology making our world better or worse, and why? Would the world function without computers, mobiles, cars, or anything technological? Or how would it exactly be?

Let’s have a look…

Do we need technology to live a better life?


“It has been appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded humanity.” This is a statement once said by the great scientist Albert Einstein which has been thrown around in our society for a while.

Although it has some reality in it, I would disagree with it because of all the positive impacts that technology has on our lives. I am a firm believer that technology is vital to our surroundings and I think that it helps us live a better life.

Here are some of how technology helps us:

  1. We can navigate around places easily through maps, apps, and phones. You no longer have to worry about getting lost or being late for your important meetings because you know the time at which you should be there.
  2. It makes our lives easier by making difficult tasks seem simple and effective. You no longer have to deal with traffic or find parking spaces in the morning. You can just get on your phone and find out the time of your meetings and plan for a time you would like to arrive to.
  3. We can never truly manage our time. By using technology, we can edit documents, search for items in a warehouse and see things that we would have otherwise missed.
  4. Books and other reading materials are easier to access now because of our phones and technology in general because you can get information as it is happening at any given moment. You will never miss something as obvious as an email from your teacher again!
  5. By using technology, we can never be disconnected again because of social media and the internet in general. We will always have connections to our loved ones no matter where they are because of the internet and that allows us to be together at all times.

Now, the main question is: Is technology making our world better or worse, and why?

Well, I believe technology is making the world a better place. At the moment, technology has made life easier for us because we can access information at our fingertips, from anywhere. We can see everything that is happening through our phones and computers instead of having to use TV or newspapers and magazines.

The first reason why technology is making the world a better place is because how technology allows us to do jobs that were once impossible in the past.

Before technology became majorly used, people would have to carry heavy loads because they had no idea how they were going to get them there safely or where they were going to put them until they got there.

In addition to that, technology is not only useful in the workplace, but it has also made life easier for our families. Technology has made it easy to communicate with one another because we can send text messages and use apps to contact one another when needed.

Another reason why technology is making the world a better place is because how it has allowed people to become more efficient. A lot of people think that they will never be able to complete a task or job well until they use technology, but this is not true because technology can help you do things that you thought were impossible!

By using technology, you can do jobs yourself without having to pay for them as most rely on strangers for money.

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Overall, technology is making the world a better place. It has made life easier for us and helped us understand our surroundings more. Being disconnected from others would be terrible and no one would want it to happen.

Concluding Paragraphs

In my opinion, even though the technology is making the world a better place, we should not forget about its impact on nature and our whole planet as we wouldn’t survive in absence of it. But this could be easily fixed with technology itself which we can see progressing at present.

Thus, technology has now become a part of our everyday lives and without it, we would have a very difficult time. Technology is crucial in our society because without it, life would be significantly more challenging and there is no way that you could get those extra points at work.

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