The human consciousness could be infinite, with many dimensions. The theory of Flatland suggests that humans can only see three dimensions, but the true number may be infinite.

If you have ever had a dream, you have probably seen or sensed other dimensions or realities while awake!

There is an invisible dimension of consciousness, like a spiritual world, which we cannot see but we can sense.

I am currently reading a book called “Flatland” and I could not put it down! It’s about a two-dimensional being discovering our dimension and she keeps trying to wrap her head around how we live in such depth.

I think if it’s possible to imagine something, it can be true. What do you think? Well, we have the whole article left to discuss…

What if the three dimensions we perceive are just as real as anything else?

From a philosophical viewpoint, we could consider it to be “real”. We live in three dimensions that our physical senses can perceive and have used to create a great civilization.

There is no empirical proof that the Earth is flat or round. What’s more, if we are just one of many possible mathematical shapes and dimensions, how can we choose which one to believe?

We cannot know whether the “flattener” exists or not, regardless of what some people may claim.

Considering the infinite number of dimensions, it is not even necessary to believe that our civilization is “real”. We can consider that this society, which we have always dreamed of, is just a “construct” as well.

As much as this, our dreams and imagination shape reality!

What if there are more than three dimensions?

It has been noted that human consciousness and memory can be divided into three different sections: short-term memory (reptile brain), long-term memory (mammal brain), and the subconscious and superconscious mind.

Many people believe in a universal consciousness or a collective unconscious. If this is true, there could be an infinite number of other dimensions and consciousnesses.

It’s all just an illusion, isn’t it?

If our reality is just an illusion, we can indeed find our own “truth”. We are all born with a certain perception of life and our views and beliefs. May it be that we are not really who you think you are?

We live in an uncertain time during the information age. A person who does not have a firm belief may be easily swayed by propaganda, lies, and fear-mongering, as this person has no firm foundation to stand on!

While I believe that science is objective, there will always be subjectivity in any kind of study. It is also important to realize that there is no universal truth! It is just a matter of finding the truth for oneself.

I am very passionate about philosophy and I think that folk traditions are important, which we have all forgotten about! I believe that logic and science can explain everything, but this does not mean that we will be able to explain the meaning of life.

There is always more to the universe than we know or understand; this applies to all human beings.

The dimensions of Consciousness

I think that the number of dimensions is infinite, while the size of each dimension is infinite. But here are a few suggestions to consider:

1) We can consider that we have five universal dimensions:

Id – Ego – Superego – Collective unconscious – Universal consciousness. The Id represents our instincts and emotions.

Our Ego represents reason and self-control. The Superego represents our social behavior; it’s what society tells us to do and think.

Our Collective Unconscious contains all of the knowledge, information, and experiences of Mankind from all times and places, from stars, planets, and other dimensions as well as the Earth itself.

And finally, Universal Consciousness is an invisible layer containing God or the creator. It has no physical form, but it can be felt.

2) Time, space, and matter, dimensions in themselves

We can also believe that time, space, and matter are dimensions in themselves. This theory is supported by the Laws of Physics as well as the Theory of Everything (ToE).

As matterless thought, cosmic space generates time via a constant cycle of expansion and contraction.

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The atoms in a material body constantly contract and expand at this constant rate. This means that time is a dimension just like the other four; we can consider that our consciousness moves on parallel to the space-time dimension and this is why we experience “time” passing by each day at a certain speed.

3) Invisible dimension of consciousness

There is an invisible dimension of consciousness, like a spiritual world, which we cannot see but can sense. This is where the Collective Unconscious and universal consciousness are stored.

This place can be considered to be non-physical, but it exists and we can travel to it when we die via the astral plane and/or imagination…

4) Dimension only as the creation of our mind

The human mind is capable of building a reality that exists for our senses only. Our imagination creates worlds that exist solely in our minds…

5) Dimension as an illusion

Our physical bodies are just illusions! They don’t exist! They are just energy; energy generates matter via quantum mechanisms. This means that bodies do not really exist, they are just “constructs” created by our minds!

If we think about it, we are basically made of thoughts and memories. If memories can be deleted or implanted, what does this say about human identity?

In addition, if a person has a false memory of committing murder, can he be sent to prison for something he did not do? It is important to understand the power of our thoughts and imagination in this reality!

6) Substance and spirit

We can believe that our physical bodies are made up of “substance”, but it is a very thin layer over an invisible essence called spirit. This spirit represents our goals, ideals, moral conscience, our intellect, and personality…

7) Lives are predetermined

It is possible that every action we take, every decision that we make is a choice in itself. We may not feel it at the time, but after an event, we look back and see that this decision was necessary for the events to unfold exactly as they had!

This means that our lives are predetermined from the moment of birth. Some experts claim that this is why dreams seem to be so meaningful; they are premonitions of what will happen in your life.

Everybody has a dream like this or similar every once in a while; this may also be a premonition or “sign” of things to come…

8) Secrets of the experiential world

There are many secrets that we have yet to discover in the experiential world. Maybe there is a whole other reality that we have yet to see.

Time and the Universe are both mysteries beyond our comprehension! Maybe!!

Atheists who claim that reality is all there is, “I don’t believe in God or anything like that”, will also be inclined to deny these possibilities. I don’t think this is very logical, because these possibilities are very real and we can find more evidence for them.

So I tend to believe that there is an invisible dimension to human existence which we can probably never fully understand.

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