What if the universe is just an illusion created by our minds?

The uni­verse we are all liv­ing in is just an illu­sion, cre­at­ed by our minds with­out hav­ing to go any­where oth­er than our own thoughts.

A per­spec­tive

Have you ever found your­self won­der­ing “how can I be learn­ing any­thing from a one dimen­sion­al sto­ry, how can some­thing so abstract be real?” 

Well won­der no more, because this arti­cle has been writ­ten about this sub­ject and the impli­ca­tions it has for us all. Read on to learn more and see what you think!

Sci­en­tists have long argued as to whether or not real­i­ty is real­ly our per­cep­tion of it, or if there is actu­al­ly any objec­tive truth at all. This top­ic in par­tic­u­lar has been wide­ly debat­ed over and over again through­out the his­to­ry of mankind. 

One thing’s for sure: The uni­verse we are all liv­ing in is just an illu­sion, cre­at­ed by our minds with­out hav­ing to go any­where oth­er than our own thoughts.

Is the “universe” just an illusion created by our minds?

Universe illusion

The uni­verse is our “dream­ing”

Imag­ine, for a moment, that we are liv­ing in an enor­mous dream. As the dream goes on, we get clos­er and clos­er to “wak­ing up”. 

The ques­tion then aris­es: what caused us to fall asleep in the first place? More­over, who is dream­ing this very dream in which we are dream­ing of exis­tence? Is there any way we can wake up?

Prob­a­bly, it’s pos­si­ble that every moment, we are cre­at­ing the uni­verse in our minds and thus caus­ing it to exist.

Our minds cre­ate the uni­verse, and sim­i­lar­ly every­thing that hap­pens with­in it. This “uni­verse” could be said to be a sim­u­la­tion cre­at­ed by our minds. 

Indeed, every sin­gle one of us has a con­scious mind able to expe­ri­ence this “dream”.

How can we know anything, after all?

Now, what if our minds are not “dream­ing” every­thing that hap­pens there? That means we could not base any of our beliefs on these expe­ri­ences, as the only thing we could ever claim to “know” about exis­tence is the things about it that our con­scious mind is able to experience. 

And sure­ly that would­n’t be much.

Thus, if this “uni­verse” is tru­ly just a pro­jec­tion cre­at­ed by our mind, has it actu­al­ly hap­pened any­where or anyhow? 

Or per­haps it was mere­ly imag­ined and then stored in a matrix called the “uni­verse”. In this case it would­n’t be very like­ly that there would be an objec­tive real­i­ty behind anything.


A per­son­’s mind can have three dif­fer­ent states of con­scious­ness: wak­ing up, being asleep, and dreaming. 

  • The first rep­re­sents the con­scious mind being ful­ly engaged and aware of all pre­sent­ed stimuli. 
  • The sec­ond one is char­ac­ter­ized by a state of deep sleep, in which there are no dreams but the brain waves are present. 
  • The third one is a men­tal state between the oth­er two, where one remains in bed awake but goes into an inner world not unlike our own uni­verse (only far more simple).

Storing, accessing knowledge in brains 

Now, if our minds are actu­al­ly cre­at­ing the uni­verse that we are liv­ing in, does this mean that every­thing is just a prod­uct of our imag­i­na­tion? Or per­haps the expla­na­tion for the uni­verse’s ori­gin lies beyond the con­scious mind.

Inter­est­ing­ly, when we sleep and have those wild dreams, we may access knowl­edge from what seems like anoth­er dimen­sion. While most of it remains a mys­tery, some parts of this infor­ma­tion can be con­scious­ly remem­bered. It can there­fore be con­sid­ered “objec­tive”. There could still also be some form of an out­side influ­ence (some sort of high­er enti­ty) guid­ing us to cre­ate this “uni­verse”.

brain and the universe

One way or oth­er, even quan­tum physics accepts that some­thing exists only if there is an observ­er to observe it. The known uni­verse does not exist inde­pen­dent­ly from any observ­er. There­fore, it is ful­ly rea­son­able to assume that all of this could be a sim­u­la­tion cre­at­ed by our minds as a result of some sort of high­er entity.

The brain is like a “super com­put­er” which process­es any infor­ma­tion we are sup­posed to access dur­ing our con­scious expe­ri­ence. How­ev­er, what if we have no con­trol over what goes on there? How can we be sure that this “uni­verse” isn’t just anoth­er prod­uct of our minds?

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Prob­a­bly, it’s pos­si­ble that every moment, we are cre­at­ing the uni­verse in our minds and thus caus­ing it to exist. Per­haps, then, the uni­verse is an illu­sion cre­at­ed by our minds. And, we are unable to even under­stand it giv­en the fact that it’s just a cre­ation of ours.

Per­haps at this very moment our minds cre­ate the uni­verse that we expe­ri­ence and believe exists inde­pen­dent­ly from us. If this hypoth­e­sis were true, then there would be no need to look for any fur­ther expla­na­tion as to why real­i­ty appears the way it does: every­thing would be just a prod­uct of imag­i­na­tion. We can not claim for sure one way or anoth­er. All we can do is make assump­tions, and try to make sure they are valid.

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