A human life span of 72 years (72.58 years as of 2022) is too insufficient. More than half of a person’s life is unproductively spent in childhood and retirement. Only when we achieve an average of at least 150 “energetic and productive” years will we fully enjoy our lives.

There is no way humans for humans to not try to manipulate natural aging. Scientists have demonstrated that it is feasible to partially stop the aging process by making aged organisms younger.

Even at a normal growth rate, the earth is likely to be overpopulated, reaching a world population of 11.2 billion by 2100. When we repair aging and allow people to live as stated, the problem of overpopulation will be big. The only way around is colonizing other planets to survive.

Repairing the aging and colonizing other worlds

The current average life span does not fulfill the requirement of longevity and is far from enough to achieve full energy and ability.

But not only aging but various vulnerabilities incorporated in human life are also unquestionably the basic hindrances on the way to real freedom from earthly limitations.

For example, it takes decades of schooling for a human to learn the basics of survival, including making a decent conversation or understanding a simple science.

A technology to repair aging will solve the problem by enabling every human to learn, grow, and behave in days instead of decades.

Furthermore, repairing human age does not necessarily imply extending human life in the same deteriorating structure; it also proposes maintaining a healthy and energetic mind-body relationship until an expected comfortable death.

To this end, aging could be reasonably repaired by reprogramming the aging process. It’s possible only when all the genetic information of the person has been stored in an information base and every cell of every organ has been implicated in that program.

The repaired person, who will be able to live healthy for much longer, will make a significant contribution to uplifting human civilization from the ground up; this is because we are still fighting each other, confined within the boundaries of the earth’s atmosphere.

Then, the need for more outer space will not only be required for settling the overpopulation crisis; it will also be like escaping from this cave to take a sun bath.

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Although it may appear too complicated at first, finding a way to repair aging through gene manipulation and incorporating cells from young people or even animals into ours will be the first revolutionary leap forward in human civilization.

The healthier, stronger, and more energetic guys will have hundreds of times more intelligence, memory power, and willpower than today’s best ones. They will have hardly any effects from the cosmic radiations, different temperatures, and atmospheric compositions of any other worlds, besides only the extremes like the sun and Jupiter.

Is it ever likely to come true?

Maybe. Medical research and research on aging show that this possibility is not a far-fetched dream. Too attainable that the first age-repaired human beings will be living on Earth about 3 decades from now.

Research published in 2016 suggested that “it is possible to slow or even reverse aging, at least in mice, by undoing changes in gene activity—the same kinds of changes that are caused by decades of life in humans.”

Researchers have already reversed aging in human skin cells by 30 years. The researchers said they developed a method to time jump human skin cells by three decades – longer than previous reprogramming methods, rewinding the aging clock without the cells losing their function, according to another study published in early 2022.

When this trend of research in reversing aging upgrades to the next level as the trend of repairing aging, the aforementioned generation of humans will begin appearing in existence. 

Such a uniqueness in their physicality and mentality will allow the repaired humans to go, explore, and settle beyond this narrow surface of the earth.

It will come true because today’s creative humans can build machines like the James Webb Telescope that can capture galaxies billions of light years away. However, they have significant limitations in experiencing the same in practice.

This is why the first step in creating a suitable environment for its survival, the repair of human aging, will be the only key to establishing a reliable foothold in colonizing outer space. They will also be able to live long enough to explore what this universe has held for them.

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