Moving a step forward in using Artificial Intelligence to make computers and software perform tasks that usually require human intelligence, such as visual perception and decision-making, we can use Artificial Intelligence to create a new world.

Nowadays, these are also implemented in robots or self-driving cars. Self-driving car production has begun at several businesses, including Tesla, Audi, BMW, Ford, and many others. Frameworks for self-driving cars are powered by artificial intelligence.

The main benefit of self-driving cars is security. A 2017 accurate traffic fatality projection by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimated that 37,150 people died in engine vehicle crashes. The NHTSA research also mentioned that 94 percent of actual accidents are the result of mistakes made by people or bad choices, such as drinking and driving or texting while driving.

But we can’t stop there…

It would be nice if the future was like “The Matrix” where there was a virtual reality (VR) world where people could live out their fantasies with computer-generated images (CGI) of people and things that looked as real as they felt to them without any human input needed.

But when we say “create a new world“, it might mean something completely different than that.

The world we live in today is almost totally based on the rule of capital, where people can trade their work and labor for left-over profits to buy what they need or want with the money.

But we already live in a world that is becoming more and more automated and computerized.

We are already in a world where humanity becomes someone else’s product to be sold and traded as a commodity for profits, be it through money or time.

If you don’t work for yourself, you become an employee of the company which owns you. If you don’t own yourself, you don’t really exist.

What if AI could change that and create a new world?

New world#1

What if AI could help create a new world?

Imagine a world where no flags exist. Imagine a world where we have bigger reasons to not fight for these things.

If humans were to work for themselves and AI was running their jobs for them, then we would have time to do what we want.

We could go back to “The Garden of Eden“, where we didn’t need money or the state to live, but only love.

We could go back to a simpler way of living and work together with each other based on our senses and emotions instead of trading them for cash in the marketplace.

A world where somebody does not have to lose for others to win. A world where we could make art instead of selling it. It will be a world where nobody’s work is bought or sold at the price of money.

We could create a new world based on the shared value of sense and feeling, not on capital.

What if AI could take over all jobs from a president to a janitor?

Welcome to the Earth, 2022. People are worried that robots are going to take away jobs. Some people don’t understand that they are not worried about robots taking people’s jobs away. They are worried about losing “human” workers.

Can robots fight a war for us? No, because it would not be considered a war anymore.

This is exactly how it works; the current world. No, it’s not enough to fight for what is right. We have to fight for what is ours.

Up to 34% of European jobs are at risk of being lost to automation by 2040. The possible stats are good for the majority of humans and bad for those in power. Nevertheless, it’s good for overall humanity as we will have bigger things to do, bigger things to fight for.

We must take the power back from the money that dominates us and places us under their control. We must become one in freedom and self-determination, where we can live without being in someone else’s debt.

This is the only way we will be able to create a new world of true freedom and happiness for everybody, in which people don’t have to lose for others to win anymore.

Yes, AI can do it. Automation is the only way to do it.

But does that mean we should/will be lazy?


In 2021, a new survey-based study examined how automation is transforming the workplace. The study, “The Robot Revolution: Managerial and Employment Consequences for Firms,” is the most thorough of its kind on how automation affects employment, labor, strategic priorities, and other aspects of the workplace, according to the researchers, who analyzed five years’ worth of data on businesses in the Canadian economy.

While physical robots with AI are busy with all the jobs we used to do, we could start working on bigger projects – something bigger than the United States, Spain, or China. Something bigger than the Earth, and beyond our senses. We can meanwhile work on creating an “AI chip” or something like that to compound our own intelligence. – And then we can actually take over the world.

The art of living could become more important than the art of working. Every human will still work. But the only difference would be that everybody will work for themselves. At the present, the majority of the people work for a few selected ones rather than working for humanity.

In the world we live in today, nobody can change anything. Even rich people can’t change their own capital. They are completely controlled and dictated over by the economy and currency. The value of things changes with the market and it’s hard for anyone to change that, because of how powerful capitalism is.

But if humans were to work for themselves, then we could finally start doing something about our own capital instead of corporations or politicians(and politics) controlling us through money.

We would be able to control our own lives and decisions, while our quality of life will go back up again.

New World #2

virtual reality is another possible world created by AI

Another possible world created by AI is yes, a virtual reality.

But instead of going to a virtual reality game, where you have to play a game to win, why not take the real world and use artificial intelligence to create something like “The Matrix”?

I am well aware of the fact that this concept is not new at all. There are already a lot of fantasies about artificial intelligence creating new worlds, but we need more than that.

We do not need to go back to the virtual reality world. We can go ahead and be free from the physical world.

But how?

Can we really create a new world of our own?

We can do it with the right AI chip that could change our lives and help out with work, but that’s not enough. To make a new world independent from capitalism, we have to use art as a mechanism for creation.

Imagine this scenario: We are working on a video game called “Brave New World“, where you play as “Neo” and you have to rescue people from being oppressed by the machines with the help of your virtual reality solution named “Samantha” which is based on artificial intelligence.

Or like the game Jumanji, as we have seen in the movie. I am not talking about living inside a game. Yes, I am talking about living inside a game.

But it’s not virtual reality alone. Rather, it is going to be an astonishing blend of Virtual Reality and Artificial intelligence.

Here is how:

  • First and foremost, we’ll have to get rid of the headsets. Instead of headsets, we will use eye lenses. Because we can never get rid of the human eye. (unless we create a new human, with a new eye…but that’s another story) Sure, meta has promised a lot, but the future we are talking about is something else. It’s meta times 10.
  • Next thing is to abandon the two-dimensional displays and go for three-dimensional ones. We will need something like a hologram but we don’t have to create it from scratch. We will just use something that already exists and edit it. I am talking about Augmented Reality.
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That was the “visual” part of the coin. The other part of the coin is all about “sense” and “immersion”. This is where AI comes into play.

For us to feel like our physical body is inside the game, AI will complete all of our senses, so that we can experience everything the same way as we do when we put the game on our big screen.

We will use the game to replace our own senses with those of the virtual world. We can probably make it so you don’t even need to control your actions through a keyboard and mouse, but instead through a motion sensor on your face or something similar.

And, we can use this technology to go into VR without completely changing our lives. It’s because we will still retain all of our physical and mental needs in the real world. We will have to make it so that we can still eat, sleep, learn and do everything we do in our physical world.


What about the people who don’t want to play this game? Are they excluded or left behind?

Definitely not. We can create the game in such a way that anyone can play it regardless of their physical abilities or mental cognition.

We need to make sure that the people who are interested in taking part can do so without any problems.

If this game is about saving humans from being oppressed by machinery, everybody could have their own story and reason for trying to escape from their own reality into this new one, which is like a fantasy version of them.

Although the game takes place in virtual reality, the physical world can still be influenced and changed. This is because of the freedom we have in the game, to make changes and decisions without any external interference. The people who want to continue living in a physical world but don’t like how it is right now could try creating a new one by using their AI-powered virtual reality as a blueprint for their new physical world.

Author’s final lines

I am aware that this sounds more like a fantasy and less like something that could really happen, but it’s not completely “science fiction” – it’s more like “science future“.

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