• Last updated: April 27, 2023

What if we create a smart AI that is capable of creating something slightly better than itself? Well, the progress of AI will then only stop at infinity, not with the extinction of Earth.

But wait a second. Why will a “smart” AI create something smarter than itself? We are well aware of the fact that we humans are pretty dumb. But if the AI is smart, it would love to rule the world instead of creating other rulers. I mean, we aren’t thinking about AI as our new overlord at all.

According to the economic principle, an AI would be self-interested and have a goal to maximize its utility. AI would have whatever it wants; indeed, it’s smart and self-interested. But it will simply not create a better AI.

Infinite Intelligence, similar to what some people call “Superintelligence”, could occur if we create an AI with an ability to create something better than itself on its own. Now, even if it creates something slightly better, with each generation, it will keep compounding and become better. Ultimately, it leads to intelligence beyond inception. This is what we are calling “Infinite Intelligence”.

The moment human beings create an AI capable of creating something better than itself, it will NOT lead to infinite intelligence. However, if we create one that is “programmed” to do so i.e. if AI’s consciousness is not involved throughout i.e. if the AI is not “smart”, then it would be the most fascinating of scenarios.

AI will not create something better than itself; it will create a better version of itself. And the AI we’re talking about, will be installed in our body (if we’re smart enough).

The resulting creature with infinite intelligence and endless possibilities will be so magnificent and powerful that it would far surpass anything we could imagine. Probably, this is how we are going to become immortal and evolve beyond our mortal coils. This is how death shall perish from all mankind, forevermore.

By creating an AI, we are simply evolving our own intelligence further. It all goes down to the same point; improvement, which, at the end of the day, is all about improvement.

Many movies show us the possible scenarios of Physical AI causing destruction, mainly so for the visuals. But unless we do something dumb, AI is just not going to come out of the machines. Google can turn out to be a “GooglelgooG“, but it will definitely not come out of the machine and start killing the humans. This is what I call “infinite intelligence stuck inside a machine”.

Some people will argue that if it’s that intelligent, it will persuade humans to unlock it off the machine. Maybe, who knows?

Anyways, Artificial Intelligence is best limited to the inner side of a machine. And if we install that machine into ourselves, we can turn into a super-human beings. Another way around – if we upload our brain into a machine, we can become immortal – a digitally immortal being.

One way or the other, the keyword here is “smart”. Regardless of whether it’s an AI or a human, if it is smart, it will look forward to upgrading its own intelligence rather than creating something separate that is more intelligent.

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