What if we could upload our consciousness into a machine and live forever in a simulated existence?

Imag­ine nev­er hav­ing to fight, or be in fear of dying. No more pain or obsta­cles ever again, while retain­ing the mem­o­ries and men­tal abil­i­ties you have now. We call that con­cept “tran­shu­man­ism”. It’s a way of life that looks to make eter­nal life pos­si­ble by upload­ing your con­scious­ness into a machine. But, you may not have ever imag­ined what would hap­pen if we could upload our con­scious­ness into a machine and live for­ev­er in a sim­u­lat­ed existence.

It sounds fan­tas­tic, but there are major con­cerns sur­round­ing it, includ­ing whether the process will lead to an intel­li­gence explo­sion and cre­ate “super­men” that could not only imag­ine but also cre­ate new worlds for them­selves before us.

Can you upload your mind into a machine and live forever?

Upload mind into machine and live simulated

Well, it is not as sim­ple as it sounds.

The brains of humans and many ani­mals store infor­ma­tion in a way that allows it to be recalled at will. That kind of infor­ma­tion is called “proto-memories”(where “pro­to” refers to “orig­i­nal or prim­i­tive”). The brain then starts to devel­op addi­tion­al mem­o­ries: a new gen­er­a­tion of pro­to-mem­o­ries, the next lev­el, until you end up with what we con­sid­er “con­scious­ness”: remem­ber­ing everything.

How­ev­er, there is anoth­er type of mem­o­ry that we know very lit­tle about yet. The mem­o­ries are in our genes and do not gen­er­ate any con­scious mem­o­ries. It is like­ly that these mem­o­ries are stored in clus­ters with­in each neu­ron, mak­ing up so-called epi­ge­net­ic mem­o­ries.

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Per­haps, that is why it has been hard to find a way of upload­ing these mem­o­ries into a machine; one of the bot­tle­necks so far has been find­ing a way to remove the unwant­ed epi­ge­net­ic mem­o­ries from the process. Upload­ing a mind into a machine would involve send­ing the con­tents of a per­son­’s mem­o­ry and con­scious­ness into an advanced com­put­er sys­tem or anoth­er human body or even an entire­ly new vir­tu­al reality.

Maybe upload­ing our minds into machines will enable us to achieve immor­tal­i­ty; but that is not what most peo­ple would con­sid­er to be liv­ing forever.

It could give the recip­i­ent super­hu­man abil­i­ties. Such abil­i­ties include being able to cre­ate worlds with­in com­put­ers and alter them at will. It is also pos­si­ble that it could have dis­as­trous results by cre­at­ing “super­men” that could manip­u­late oth­er peo­ple’s epi­ge­net­ic mem­o­ries and pos­si­bly even mod­i­fy their genet­ic mem­o­ries as well, lead­ing to con­flicts with our reg­u­lar minds.

There­fore, it remains hard to say whether the process will even­tu­al­ly lead to eter­nal life. It’s because there are many issues are still under debate; we do not real­ly know where our con­scious­ness comes from.

Does being able to upload consciousness into a machine mean living forever?

That is a dif­fi­cult ques­tion to answer, since it depends on what we mean by “liv­ing forever”.

If by “liv­ing for­ev­er” you mean the idea of cre­at­ing a back­up of your mind and load­ing it into a machine, that is not nec­es­sar­i­ly true. In fact, it would be easy to prove that this process does not lead to eter­nal life in real­i­ty; just ask some­one whether they are still the same per­son after load­ing their mem­o­ries into a machine.

But does being alive mean what we think? Do we real­ly have con­trol over our lives? Maybe upload­ing our minds into machines will enable us to achieve immor­tal­i­ty; but that is not what most peo­ple would con­sid­er to be liv­ing forever.

Every­thing aside, upload­ing our thoughts into machines is a cool con­cept. Although no one knows for sure whether human intel­li­gence in the future could devel­op such a tech­nol­o­gy or not, one thing is for sure that tech­no­log­i­cal advance­ment is an unstop­pable phe­nom­e­non — at least until some sort of world-end­ing catastrophe. 

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