What will your age be after coming back from past travel?

What would you expect your age to be after return­ing from the past trav­el? This is one of the most com­mon­ly asked ques­tions in time travel.

Some peo­ple think that they would age as much as the time spent in the past. This means if a per­son trav­els to 1962 and stays there for 10 years, they would be 62 years old when they return. Oth­ers believe that what­ev­er age you are when you leave for the past, is what you will be when you come back from it. If a per­son leaves at 20 years old, he’ll come back with only 20 more years of life after spend­ing 10 years in 1962.

How would time travel work?

If time trav­el ever becomes pos­si­ble and you trav­el to the past, what­ev­er you do there would com­plete­ly affect that par­tic­u­lar time­line. A dif­fer­ent world would evolve in that par­tic­u­lar uni­verse. But the present will be untouched. It’s pos­si­ble some peo­ple could go back and save or change some­thing, but this would not affect any oth­er uni­verse or time­line.

Wer have a strong opin­ion that either time will move slowly/faster for you or you will not age at all, through­out past the time trav­el.

This might sound a lit­tle con­fus­ing, so let me explain it with an easy exam­ple. Let’s say you’re in this uni­verse and you’ve been work­ing as a police offi­cer for 20 years. One day you trav­el to the past and spend 10 years there, rais­ing your kids and liv­ing a hap­py life. 

When you come back from the past, you’ll still be liv­ing the exact same life (the one with 20 years of expe­ri­ence), so there would­n’t be any changes on any time­line or uni­verse, just on the one inside the time machine. So you could have changed the past, but it won’t affect any oth­er universes.

This effect will only be seen in the new uni­verse that has been cre­at­ed when you arrive from the future. It can be changed if some­one goes there to do some­thing, but again this would not affect any oth­er universe/timeline. And every oth­er time­line would remain untouched as well.

So let’s say you’re liv­ing a hap­py life and you go back to 1970 and spend 10 years there rais­ing your kids. When you come back to present time, a dif­fer­ent uni­verse will exist inside the time machine (the one of your kids) and noth­ing else would change in any oth­er world or timeline.

But still: What will happen to your age if you travel to past?

how time works during and after time travel

Basi­cal­ly, there are three pos­si­bil­i­ties we can imagine:

  • Either you age as much as the time you spend,
  • Or you get revert­ed back to your orig­i­nal age,
  • Or time will work dif­fer­ent­ly for you. (Either slow­er of faster or you do not age at all)

The most obvi­ous answer is that you’ll age as much as the time spent, just like a nor­mal per­son. There’s no prob­lem in this expla­na­tion, but there’s some­thing else that’s not so obvi­ous. Will time work the same way in that par­tic­u­lar uni­verse? Or, will it go by faster or slow­er for you? If you go back in time, you might expe­ri­ence some kind of slow­ing down of time. Or, you may be liv­ing in the past with almost no change at all. 

For us to know the answer to this ques­tion, we must first have a real the­o­ret­i­cal model/concept of time trav­el, which we don’t. So, it’s just impos­si­ble to answer those ques­tions. But we are going to rate those pos­si­bil­i­ties based on what we assume is most likely:

Back from time travel

Time will work dif­fer­ent­ly for you . (60/100)
You age as much as the time you spend. (35/100)
You get revert­ed back to your orig­i­nal age. (5/100)

Accord­ing to us, it’s most like­ly that if you trav­el to the past, the word “time” would mean dif­fer­ent. We have a strong opin­ion that either time will move slowly/faster for you or you will not age at all, through­out past the time trav­el. Or maybe, although you will live exact­ly the same amount of time you spend, it will not look like that.

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These are our pure assump­tions based on what we have acknowl­edged about the con­cepts of time trav­el, and the work­ing mech­a­nism of time, and we have placed here these opin­ions based on that.

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