Intent HQ Launches AI-Guided Campaign Audience Builder

Intent HQ, the provider of a cus­tomer AI ana­lyt­ics plat­form, has launched the first AI-guid­ed dynam­ic audi­ence builder for tel­co marketers.

With the use of audi­ence AI, tele­coms may con­sid­er­ably boost the effec­tive­ness of their mar­ket­ing cam­paigns and dis­cov­er new, untapped prospects with­in their cus­tomer base.

With­out the assis­tance of data sci­en­tists or busi­ness intel­li­gence (BI), it uses machine learn­ing to iden­ti­fy tar­get con­sumers based on behav­ioral sim­i­lar­i­ty indicators.

Because they are still unable to iden­ti­fy audi­ences that are suf­fi­cient­ly rel­e­vant, Intent HQ feels that tel­co mar­keters are los­ing out on numer­ous new oppor­tu­ni­ties to gen­er­ate income.

Due to the lack of tools avail­able, cre­at­ing cam­paigns takes too long, and cur­rent meth­ods don’t suc­cess­ful­ly iden­ti­fy the tar­get mar­kets for each mar­ket­ing message.

“Our goal is to cre­ate mar­ket­ing that is so rel­e­vant to our cus­tomers that they view our mes­sages as help­ful sug­ges­tions as if we were friends.” Audi­ence AI is help­ing us do that by giv­ing our mar­keters fin­ger­tip access to human-lev­el insights and mak­ing them tru­ly action­able, “said Andy Herz, Direc­tor, Val­ue-Based Mar­ket­ing at Verizon.

Lead times like these and poor audi­ence choice result in lost oppor­tu­ni­ties, more opt-outs, and cus­tomer brand dis­sat­is­fac­tion. The AI for cus­tomers was cre­at­ed to address these issues.

Audi­ence AI sig­nif­i­cant­ly increas­es the Ver­i­zon Pro­tect campaign’s rev­enue. The Ver­i­zon con­sumer mar­ket­ing team employed audi­ence AI to more effec­tive­ly tar­get and broad­en the audi­ence for Ver­i­zon Pro­tect, the com­pa­ny’s top device insur­ance program.

Pro­tect is peri­od­i­cal­ly made avail­able to cus­tomers who did not want to add it at the time they pur­chased their device dur­ing time-lim­it­ed “open enroll­ment” programs.

The report says Audi­ence AI achieved out­stand­ing results for the cam­paign com­pared to the cur­rent audi­ence selec­tion strategy.

Audi­ence AI offers the fol­low­ing cru­cial ele­ments as a self-serve audi­ence-build­ing tool to improve cam­paign rel­e­van­cy and ROI:

1) Sim­ple. Audi­ence AI fea­tures a user inter­face that is sim­ple to use. With­out pro­fes­sion­al assis­tance, any mem­ber of the mar­ket­ing team is able to pro­duce viable cam­paign audiences.

2) Respon­sive. To find their ide­al cus­tomers, mar­keters can instant­ly query a vari­ety of pre­dic­tive indicators.

Build­ing an audi­ence has been a tough and time-con­sum­ing endeav­or that depends on teams of data ana­lysts and human intu­ition. By remov­ing the guess­work involved in audi­ence cre­ation, audi­ence AI makes the process much sim­pler and saves cam­paign man­agers sev­er­al hours of labor.

3) Safe. By using the Intent HQ SafeS­ig­nal engine to deliv­er pri­va­cy-safe audi­ence data, Audi­ence AI may deliv­er audi­ence data with­out the require­ment for sig­nif­i­cant legal permission.

Audi­ence AI is a machine learn­ing tech­nique that devel­ops an audi­ence “seed” based on behav­ioral and/or event-based inputs. With a sta­tis­ti­cal­ly sig­nif­i­cant scale, Intent HQ’s pro­pri­etary data sci­ence algo­rithms pro­duce a prac­ti­cal and appro­pri­ate cam­paign audi­ence. 
What does the indus­try think about Audi­ence AI?

Accord­ing to Patrick Fagan, Head of Behav­iour­al Sci­ence at Kubik Intel­li­gence, Audi­ence AI is the only audi­ence cre­ation solu­tion that har­ness­es the pow­er of machine learn­ing to ana­lyze weblogs and oth­er behav­ioral data. Fagan also adds that this allows tel­co mar­keters to build tar­gets of behav­ioral­ly sim­i­lar cus­tomers that would not oth­er­wise be eas­i­ly iden­ti­fi­able. “Most impor­tant­ly,” as Fagan said, “it has full con­sumer pri­va­cy baked into the design”.

This is effec­tive because it iden­ti­fies the data that the arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence engine gath­ers to a spe­cif­ic user based on behav­ioral sim­i­lar­i­ties, not on an anony­mous device ID. This means that it can be used in cus­tomer acqui­si­tion cam­paigns with­out expos­ing the actu­al iden­ti­ties of users or even busi­ness­es, in most cases.

In addi­tion, the use of Intent HQ’s Smart Sig­nals tech­nol­o­gy allows mar­keters to learn and improve their audi­ence selec­tion capa­bil­i­ties while keep­ing cus­tomer data safe and private.

Anoth­er advan­tage is that adver­tis­ers are able to ana­lyze their cus­tomer base with more pre­ci­sion since Audi­ence AI uses pre­dic­tive sig­nals, such as weblogs, pur­chase behav­ior, and oth­er events from cus­tomers’ smart­phone and web surf­ing habits.

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